Kontera's Big Data Content Marketing platform understands and activates the world's content. 

We analyze global content consumption, on-going social "conversations" and trending passion points. Marketers use the Kontera platform to inform how they connect with their target audiences, to evolve their messaging and strategy, and to automatically deliver the best owned, social, and earned content in the ideal Mobile, Web, and Social context.

Each day our real-time platform analyzes and cross-correlates the detailed content and consumption of more than 550 Terabytes of video, 1.4 billion tweets, 450 million articles, 550 million images, and more than 300 billion phrases. We aggregate actionable insights on more than 27,000 catalogued interest topics, 8,000 celebrities, 12,000 locations, and 350,000 products.

The Kontera Content Marketing Platform contains Content Insights and Discovery products, as well as Content Activation Products for Social, Mobile, and Web amplification.


Big Data For Agile Marketing!


Content Insights

Inform your marketing strategy with digital insights, social, and content trends, and the latest developments within content areas your customers care about.

Kontera's Content Insights inform marketers about the evolution of audience interests, the competitive trends, specific interests within product categories and opportunities for refinement of their marketing messages.

Some of the most powerful insights the Kontera platform produces involve the correlation between TV events and resulting effects on consumer interests on-line.

Content Discovery

Kontera's Content Discovery has been built for social marketers, content teams, and agile marketing operations. It uses Kontera's Big Data platform to discover and inspire meaningful content for rapid creation and sharing.

Content Discovery features a powerful and intuitive interface that examines the world’s content in relation to marketers' objectives and their existing content.  Marketers can quickly understand consumers' interests and trending passion points and instantly see which specific content items will connect authentically with different audience segments.

Collaboration and effectiveness are increased via content programs, 360 degree briefs, and integrated social publishing.

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Content Curation

Manage your content marketing programs. Identify, sort, and select relevant content for paid activation within your on-line advertising and social marketing efforts.  Choose from owned content, affiliated content, social content, or supporting content from across the digital eco-system. Our Content Curation tools enable easy management with relevance and social scoring of content and assets. The content to be activated is seamlessly activated through native placements that span the web, mobile, and social destinations. 

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Social Activation

Kontera’s social activation enables seamless publishing of brand supporting content or social information onto major social destinations.  In addition, Kontera is able to take relevant social posts and content in support of brands' marketing and amplify this information to increase brand engagement across the entire digital eco-system.

Kontera social amplification can include content from Facebook, Twitter, or YouTube, and this information can be amplified on the web or in mobile.

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Mobile Activation

Consumer relevance and value are paramount for successful mobile campaigns. Kontera’s mobile activation suite shines by providing consumers with highly relevant brand content and creative assets within the ideal mobile context. Unique to Kontera are engaging full screen brand content experiences. Kontera’s mobile solutions span both Android and iOS devices, delivering significant scale and relevance across a large number of mobile optimized sites.

Kontera mobile capabilities include dynamic related content, social content,  interactive ads, multi-action ads, rich media, video, geo-location, and call-now capabilities.

For tablets Kontera also delivers highly immersive “lean-back” experiences, that engage with brand supportive content in a swipe optimized dynamic multi-panel canvass, all driven by the content activation platform.

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Native Web Activation

With Kontera’s web activation brands are able to align within the most relevant editorial content through exclusive native formats and innovative display offerings. Kontera replaces low-value display placements with true extensions of the editorial well to authentically connect with consumers’ content interests.

By understanding how each editorial relates to all other content and latest consumer interests, Kontera can activate brand supporting content or ads with an unparalleled combination of relevance, reach, and precision. Consumer engagement and industry leading results are a hallmark of Kontera’s web activation.

Kontera’s native activation within editorial and Kontera's content based display can include IAB standard creative, exclusive large formats, and premier brand experiences.

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